8 Pain Triggers To Avoid

We have identified some of the worst offenders that trigger pain. Remember that if you are dealing with pain on a daily basis, or your pain has become chronic, you should find a qualified physician to help you make sure there isn’t something more serious going on in your body. Shoes Many shoes we wear […]

Tips To Eliminate Back And Neck Pain At Work

For those of us who are in the workforce, we spend a significant part of the day in front of a screen or driving in the car. Both of these activities contribute to back and neck pain. We have brought together some great tips for eliminating back and neck pain so that when you go […]

The Importance of Proper Body Mechanics for Physical Labor

Proper body mechanics is of major importance when engaging in physical labor. Your back and spine depend on proper body mechanics to remain healthy and fully functional. The key to utilizing proper body mechanics in the work place is to learn how to properly lift or move objects without causing undue stress to your body. Lifting You […]

Tips for Creating an Ergonomic Office Space

When you are working in an office environment, you may not realize the impact that your job has on your body. In fact, sitting at a desk for prolonged periods can cause you injury to the spine, shoulders, and wrists. You can minimize your chances of incurring these injuries by designing an ergonomic space at your […]

Not Just Another Chair: How office chairs can relieve back pain

The average person spends about eight hours a day in a chair behind their desk. This long period of sitting causes many to endure mild to heavy back pain. Why does this occur? It’s all in the chair.