Tips To Eliminate Back And Neck Pain At Work


For those of us who are in the workforce, we spend a significant part of the day in front of a screen or driving in the car. Both of these activities contribute to back and neck pain. We have brought together some great tips for eliminating back and neck pain so that when you go home, you are not dealing with aches and pains from poor posture.

Walking Around
Sitting all day can contribute to pain and stiffness, especially in the back. For some, getting a stand up desk can help to reduce the amount of sitting. If you cannot use a stand up desk, consider taking breaks and walking through the office multiple times a day. If you are in the car all day long, periodically taking breaks is important for you too, especially in the neck and shoulders.

Use A Computer For Emails
Many people read emails on their cell phone or other device. What happens when we use our devices is that we are looking down at the screen, which puts extra weight on the neck and shoulders. The farther you look down the more weight that is being placed on your spine. Use the computer to answer your emails since you are more likely to have better posture.

Keep Your Monitor At The Correct Height
If you are sitting at a computer all day, make sure you are not constantly looking down at the screen. Don’t allow your shoulder to move forward, but instead keep your head looking straight ahead. You may need to raise your computer screen if it is not in the correct position, but it is worth not putting stress on your neck and back. Place the monitor so the bottom of the screen is aligned with your chin. If you are using a laptop regularly, try to connect to another screen so you are not keeping your head down.

Your Chair Matters
Ensure you are using an ergonomically correct office chair that provides support to your low back. You should be sitting with your feet flat to the floor. A chair that has built in lumbar support is ideal. If you can’t find a chair with support or cannot afford to switch out your chair, then you can find an insert to place at your low back that will help keep you aligned.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.18.50 PMTake A Break To Stretch
We recently did a whole blog about what stretches to do at work to release neck and back pain. Check it out here:
Taking breaks through the day can help you combat stiffness and pain.


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