The Importance of Proper Body Mechanics for Physical Labor

Proper body mechanics is of major importance when engaging in physical labor. Your back and spine depend on proper body mechanics to remain healthy and fully functional. The key to utilizing proper body mechanics in the work place is to learn how to properly lift or move objects without causing undue stress to your body.


You should always think through your motions when lifting. Stand as close to the object as possible and drop to one knee as you begin to lift. Never lift a heavy object from a standing position. Remember to breathe while you are lifting, and hold the object as close to your chest as possible and tighten your core muscles. Use your legs to lift and not your back because your legs are much stronger and suited to the task.

Standing and Walking

Physical labor requires that you be on your feet for potentially your entire shift. Bad posture can cause real discomfort in your back and other parts of your body. It’s important to keep you back straight and your feet roughly twelve inches apart. This stance keeps as much pressure off of your back as possible. It is also imperative that you wear shoes with proper support, because poor footwear can throw your whole alignment out of order. When walking, pay special attention to how straight you are keeping your back. Good posture can help save your back as you age.

Repetitive Motion

Physical labor often calls for repetitive motions carried out for hours on end. These types of movements can cause stress to your back or joints almost without you even realizing it. Repetitive motion injuries can be especially damaging and challenging to treat. Injuries such as tendonitis or bursitis that never really go away are caused by repetitive motion.

Orthopedic doctors who specialize in pain management can help ease some of the stress of repetitive injuries, as well as demonstrate proper body mechanics for the work place. For more information, call 770-421-1420 to speak to the staff at Non-Surgical Orthopaedics, P.C.

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