Headache Triggers To Avoid

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  If you are one of the many people who suffer from chronic headaches, you know that there are many different triggers that can set you off.  The first step in preventing migraines is to know what the most common triggers are so that you can begin to avoid and eliminate them.


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Why Non-Surgical Treatments Are The Best Option For Chronic Back Pain

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Around the world there are back surgeries being done on patients who are suffering from chronic pain. Although in some instances surgery is the right answer, in most cases a patient is able to control their pain without surgery. Remember that any surgery comes with an increased risk of complications, and the more complex and [...]

Self-Massage Technique For Painful Trigger Points   Recently updated !

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  Trigger points are knots that develop within the tissue of a muscle that can cause radiating or referred pain in the neck, back, shoulder, or other parts of the body.  The pain from a trigger point may be dull or it may be sharp and stabbing, depending on the location and size.

Diagnostic Testing Options For Evaluating Low Back Pain   Recently updated !

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Back pain is one of the most common reasons that people visit their doctors.  The back is made up of so many nerves, tissues, muscles, joints and bones, that it is important to properly monitor function and find solutions for pain.  There are several diagnostic tests that can be preformed to help diagnose back pain. [...]


Can Physical Therapy Help Get Rid Of Your Pain?

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  Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, is the treatment of injury, disease or deformity through physical methods like hot and cold therapy, massage, and stretching and strengthening exercises.  If you are suffering from a disorder that makes movement difficult, physical therapy is an ideal treatment to help increase movement and restore your physical function [...]

Natural Ways To Ease Arthritis Pain

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  Inflammation of the joints which causes pain and stiffness is called arthritis.  The most common form is Osteoarthritis, which affects the lives of 27 million Americans.  Often treatment of arthritis will include anti-inflammatory medications or other pain medications, but sometimes there are natural ways to help reduce the pain without needing medication.  Here are [...]



Diagnosis And Treatment Of Facet Joint Syndrome   Recently updated !

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  Some of the most disabling back and neck problems come from disorders of the facet joints.  Facet joint syndrome is the deterioration of the facet joints in which the cartilage that covers the joint wears down and causes stress and damage.  The bones can begin to rub against each other leading to other problems, [...]