8 Pain Triggers To Avoid

We have identified some of the worst offenders that trigger pain. Remember that if you are dealing with pain on a daily basis, or your pain has become chronic, you should find a qualified physician to help you make sure there isn’t something more serious going on in your body.

Many shoes we wear everyday are providing no arch support, which can lead to pain from the feet to the knees. Summer is one of the worst seasons for this because we often go out in flip flops. In the future, make sure you are buying shoes that provide plenty of support so you can avoid this trigger.

Using phones, iPads, and other devices we are often looking down at the device and putting excess weight onto our spine. To fix this, make sure you are viewing things at eye level. In addition to looking down, playing games and constant texting can put stress on our thumbs. If your thumbs start to feel sore, take a break and let them rest.

Stress and Anxiety
Did you know that stress can lead to tension headaches and other tension and pain? Stress can cause tension headaches which is often described as having a weight or tight band around the head and often includes pain the the neck and shoulders. We know it’s difficult to say “don’t be stressed”, but consider taking breaks throughout your day to do some deep breathing and center yourself. Stress and anxiety can take it’s toll on your body so the best defense is to fight it with calming activities.

Putting your wallet in your back pocket means that when you sit down, your weight is not evenly distributed and you are uneven. That means your spine will be out of alignment which will lead to back pain. Try putting your wallet in your front pocket to ensure you are sitting evenly.

Sitting All Day
Sitting all day can contribute to pain and stiffness, especially in the back. For some, getting a stand up desk can help to reduce the amount of sitting. If you cannot use a stand up desk, consider taking breaks and walking through the office multiple times a day. If you are in the car all day long, periodically taking breaks is important for you too, especially in the neck and shoulders.

weights-869225_640Improper Lifting
Many people curve their back when they pick up a heavy object, and then straighten back up once the object is up. In reality this is the incorrect way to lift. We should always squat down, bending at the knees, lift and keep the back straight. Your leg muscles do the work instead of putting that excess weight on the spine.

Ensure you are using an ergonomically correct office chair that provides support to your low back. You should be sitting with your feet flat to the floor. A chair that has built in lumbar support is ideal. If you can’t find a chair with support or cannot afford to switch out your chair, then you can find an insert to place at your low back that will help keep you aligned.


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