Healthy Joints and How to Get Them

Are you experiencing joint pain? Find some great tips below to help alleviate your symptoms and promote overall joint health in the future! Keep Moving Sitting still for too long can cause your joints to become stiff. Moving around periodically throughout the day is essential to maintain healthy joints. Even if you work in an […]

Can Alternative Medicine Offer Additional Options For Low Back Pain?

When dealing with any chronic pain disorder, especially low back pain, often the best approach is to combine conventional medicine and alternative medicine. Together they can work to not only provide pain relief, but manage the stress and other symptoms that come along with chronic pain. Here is a list of a few alternative medicine […]

How Yoga Helps in Decreasing Back pain

Performing yoga has helped many people to manage their back pain; it also leads to an improvement in mood and ability to function.  Patient who practice yoga have more success in pain management than those who reply on only conventional treatment. In a recent study, a group of people were tasked with attending a yoga […]

Improving Posture Can Help Prevent Back Pain

Posture is something we all probably take for granted, and we would not usually not associate back pain with posture. Simply put, posture is the way we hold ourselves and is impacted by the proper alignment of our bones and muscles. Often individuals experience pain when their joints are dislocated or suddenly out of alignment. That pain can be more gradual when the joint is slowly brought out of alignment from years of slouching or hunching over. In effect, poor posture develops from extended periods, sometimes years, of bad habits.