Combat Low Back Pain With Meditation


Alternative treatments for chronic pain, especially low back chronic pain, are a great way to take control of your body and reduce your pain without medications. Meditation is one alternative treatment that has proved effective for people dealing with daily chronic pain. If you want to see benefits from meditation you don’t have to sit and meditate for hours, in fact many studies have seen pain reduction in just 20 minutes per day.

A study done at UNC Charlotte in 2009 found that patients who were trained on mindfulness meditation for 3 days and then subjected to painful stimuli had a reduced amount of pain sensitivity and anxiety when compared to those who were not given the training.



Although meditation cannot cure pain, it has shown to help reduce the pain sensitivity. For those of us who suffer with chronic pain daily, that is a great relief and may mean the difference between not being able to get out of the house or not.

There are other physical benefits of meditation that have been studied, including:
-Improvements to the immune system
-Increased energy
-Lowers blood pressure
-Reduction in anxiety attacks
-Reduction in tension headaches, muscle and joint problems
-Serotonin increase improving mood and behavior

For an easy to use list of guided meditations, try this list here.


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