Beginner’s Yoga for Tight Hips

This sequence of yoga poses is for people who are suffering with tight hips and need to find some beginner stretches that will work to help ease the pain.  These are the full expression of the pose, but it is important to remember that you can modify any of these to fit your comfort level.  Listen to what your body says and don’t push yourself too hard.  With practice you can come to the full expression of the pose.

Butterfly Pose

Butterfly Pose
This is one of the easiest poses to remember in yoga. You may remember butterfly pose from when you were a child in gym class. You would flap the wings of your legs to look like a butterfly. As an adult, keep your legs still and your feet tucked in as far as they will go. Your feet should be touching each other. With your hands, grab your feet and keep them there. Hold this for 5 breathes.

Half Lord of the Fishes PoseHalf Lord of the Fishes Pose
Start with your legs out in front of you. Bend your knees and put your right leg over your left leg and keep it sitting on the outside of your hips on the left side. Your left leg with lay down on the floor underneath. Twist while exhaling to the right. As you inhale and exhale for 5 breathes, try to go deeper into the stretch.

Fire Log Pose Agnistambhasana Fire Log Pose
In a seated position, stack your right leg over your left leg. The knee of your left leg should be touching the right ankle. Put your hands into a praying position in front of your heart. Hold this for 5 breathes.

Triangle PoseTriangle Pose
In a standing position, your feet should be 3 feet away from each other. Begin by turning the right toes to the right. As you inhale, move your arms to the right side with the floor parallel to your arms. Exhale and move your left arm up and your right hand down against your right ankle. Palms face forward.  Hold this for 5 breathes. Once finished, repeat this pose on the other side.

Warrior 3Warrior 3 Pose
Start in a standing position and step your right foot out and move all your body weight onto this leg. As you inhale, put your arms above the head. Exhale and lift your left leg out behind you, lowering your arms down. Find a stable place either on the floor or out in front to stare at for balance. Hold this for 5 breathes. Once finished, repeat this pose of the other side.

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