Why Exercise Is Important For Patients With Chronic Pain

walking-987451_1280Chronic pain comes in many forms. Some people have fibromyalgia, others may be dealing with chronic low back or neck pain. No matter what your circumstance, we all want to find a way to reduce symptoms without medication. That’s where exercise comes in. Exercise is important for keeping your body strong and flexible. When you lack those things, pain tends to feel worse and your pain threshold, meaning the amount of pain you can tolerate comfortably, is lowered.

Exercise is important, but knowing what kind of exercise is right for your condition is even more important. That is why before you consider adding any new programs you discuss with a physician or physical therapist to ensure you will not make things worse. Someone with severe joint pain would not benefit from high intensity workouts, but fibromyalgia patients might. That’s why getting professional advice should always be your first stop.

swimming-924895_640Some studies have shown that for patients with chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia could improve their symptoms and their daily life activities by increasing aerobic fitness.

Here are some ways that exercise can help someone with chronic pain:

-Fight depression and anxiety
-Strengthen muscles
-More energy for daily activities
-Better cholesterol and heart health
-Lower blood pressure
-Better sleep
-Reduction in tender joint and muscle points
-Less fatigues
-Less pain

crossfit-534615_640Find what kind of exercise is right for your condition. For many people swimming is an optimal exercise because it takes the pressure of the weight of the body off the joints so you are able to move more easily. For others, yoga provides a way to strengthen and tone the body while also improving flexibility. You may also find that walking or aerobic classes are the best for you. Keep trying new forms of exercise until you find one that is best for your condition.


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