The Most Common Workplace Injuries Explained


Serious workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities are more common than you may realize. In 2014 there were close to 3 million nonfatal injuries accounted for by private industry employers. Of these injurers we will discuss a few of the most common injuries seen by physicians of workers who are hurt on the job.

Back and Neck Injuries
Lifting heavy objects and overexertion can lead to a back or neck injury which can lead to a pinched nerve or herniated disc. Workers can have symptoms that include chronic pain, pain in the legs (sciatica), shoulder pain, muscle weakness and limb numbness or tingling. If the worker falls or suffers a more serious trauma to the back or neck it can even cause broken vertebrae or damage to the spinal cord. If the worker is inside a vehicle they could also have whiplash if involved in an accident which can lead to neck pain and back pain.

Bone Trauma and Broken Bones
Fractures of bones, breaks and bone trauma require a lot of rest for a full recovery. For some of these, surgery may also be warranted. A dislocated joint or bone can happen from a traumatic event, especially if pressed by extreme stress. These injuries can happen due to being caught in a machine or by physical injuries from falling or from something falling down and hitting the worker.

Repetitive Motion Injuries
These injuries are common for workers in a factory or assembly line, or for those using tools consistently that vibrate or shake. Carpal tunnel syndrome, neck, back, foot, shoulder or knee pain can be the result of repetitive motion injuries. If a repetitive motion injury is ignored it can develop into a more serious problem like chronic joint pain, osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

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