Worst And Best Foods For A Great Sleep


Sleep is an important part of keeping your body healthy, both mentally and physically. If you are not getting enough sleep you are at a higher risk for things like heart disease, obesity, kidney disease, high blood pressure, strokes and diabetes. Check out our list of the worst and best choice for your best night’s sleep ever.

Worst Choices
Alcohol: Believe it or not, drinking before bed actually does more harm than good. Drinking causes a less restful sleep. This means when you wake up in the morning you won’t feel as refreshed as you would if you had skipped the drinks. If you do choose to drink before bed, drink a glass of water for each beverage you have.

Caffeine: Coffee at night, or even in the afternoon for some, can keep you up at night. Make a switch to decaf, or try some herbal tea instead. Caffeine can lurk in more than just coffee, some medications sneak in caffeine and don’t forget to put down that soda and chocolate as well!

Did you know that smoking cigarettes acts as a stimulant similar to caffeine? That’s why it’s recommended to not smoke in the evening.

High-Fat or High-Protein: Research has shown that eating foods high in fat cause not only weight gain, but also sleep cycle problems. Your digestions gets triggered when you eat a heavy meal or a meal that has a lot of protein in it, which means late night trips to the bathroom.

Best Choices
Almonds: Nuts have a lot of tryptophan and magnesium. These both can assist in reducing muscle and nerve function and promote sleep.

Turkey: Almonds aren’t the only thing with natural tryptophan. Turkey is notorious for knocking you out after Thanksgiving dinner, but did you know it is because it is high in tryptophan. This makes it a great choice for dinner.

Bananas: High in both magnesium and potassium, bananas are a great way to trigger relaxation in your muscles and nerves.

Honey: Just a little bit of honey will help your brain turn off the chemical orexin, which keeps you alert. Keep it at a tablespoon or less for the best results.

Oatmeal: These grains create insulin production and is rich in melatonin, which will naturally raise blood sugar, relaxes you and puts you to sleep.

Whole-Grain Bread: Stay away from simple carbs that come in junk food and in soda, and instead choose the whole grains. These allow for a natural glucose spike and drop.

Herbal Tea: A warm glass of tea that is caffeine-free is a great choice for getting and staying asleep. Choose things with chamomile, lemon and passionflower for the best results.


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