Neck Pain Causes and Prevention


Neck pain is a very common complaint, especially from people who are constantly standing or looking down.  Prolonged standing or bending and looking down puts stress and weight on the spine.  Other causes of neck pain can include injury such as whiplash from a car accident, arthritis, or poor posture.

The symptoms of neck pain that are most often reported by patients include pain, numbness, weakness of muscles, “crick” in the neck, pain that radiates down into the shoulder, upper back or arms, restricted movements, tingling and headaches.

There are many treatment options for neck pain.  At home care like medications , hot and cold therapy, stretching and physical and massage therapy may be beneficial.  In addition to at home treatments, your doctor may recommend cervical steroid injections, trigger point injections, prolotherapy or platelet rich plasma injections to help heal the area or reduce inflammation.

Taking measures to prevent neck pain will ensure your pain does not get worse, or in some cases can help resolve your pain.  Make sure you are using the correct posture at work and when driving.  If you are constantly looking down at your phone or laptop, you should find ways to bring the screen level to your face to prevent the extra stress that is being put on your spine. 

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