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Can Physical Therapy Help Get Rid Of Your Pain?

  Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, is the treatment of injury, disease or deformity through physical methods like hot and cold therapy, massage, and stretching and strengthening exercises.  If you are suffering from a disorder that makes movement difficult, physical therapy is an ideal treatment to help increase movement and restore your physical function […]

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is an extremely common complaint, and there are many common causes of this problem. It is important to make an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms so that appropriate treatment can be directed at the cause. If you have shoulder pain, some common causes include: Bursitis | Rotator Cuff Tendonitis The […]

Winter and Joint Pain

As the leaves turn, so does the weather signaling a new season. However, some notice the turning of the season not with the leaves, but rather with a return of joint pain caused by cold weather. Individuals may consider their joint pain a sign of age and try to “deal with it” until warmer weather comes to the rescue. Yet, there are many new insights into joint pain which reveal how to better enjoy the winter season pain free.