stress fractures

Avoiding Stress Fractures in Athletes

Athletes improve by pushing themselves – but pushing too hard can cause small cracks in the bone, most often in the feet or lower legs. Stress fracture, the bane of both competitive and recreational athletes, is a fairly common injury that takes time to heal.   Stress fractures happen when a person attempts more than their […]

Ankle Injuries: Causes and Treatments

Ankle injuries are often thought of as sports injuries. But you don’t have to be an athlete or even a “weekend warrior” to turn your ankle and hurt it. Something as simple as walking on an uneven surface can cause a painful, debilitating sprain. Ankle injuries can happen to anyone at any age. Every day […]

Acute Chest Injuries

Chest, or thoracic, trauma is no laughing matter. Chest pain and soft tissue injuries associated with accidents (home, recreational or vehicular) accounts for over $600 billion dollars a year! In fact, almost one-third of patients admitted to trauma centers in the United States sustain serious injuries to the chest