Prolotherapy Treatment For Chronic Pain

doctor-1149149_640Pain is considered chronic when it has been present for at least 3 months. For many individuals pain can persist for months or even years. This can have a deteriorating effect of the quality of life. Learn about prolotherapy treatment and whether or not it can help with your chronic pain.

Who Is A Candidate For Prolotherapy
Your Orthopaedic physicians will be able to advise you on whether or not they think you would benefit from a prolotherapy injection. Many times this procedure is recommended when other recommendations have not helped such as physical therapy, posture changes, weight loss or exercise. If your physician believes that the connective tissues in the area that you are experiencing pain are proceeding pain signals to your brain, prolotherapy maybe recommended.

How Does Prolotherapy Work
Prolotherapy is a treatment that is done over the course of a few weeks. An initial injections is given and then patients often receive follow up injections. In general the side effects of prolotherapy treatments are minimal and only last a few days.

Benefits Of Prolotherapy Injections
After prolotherapy you may see a decrease in the discomfort that happens when moving around. It has been shows to be highly successful and people can see benefits in as quickly as 2 months. This process can help connective tissues to become more healthy and strong so it can potentially decrease the risk of future back pain.

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