An Overview Of Injections For Back Pain


Living with back pain everyday can be difficult and leave you not participating in activities you used to. Not everyone considers surgery and option, which is where our office can help. At Non-Surgical Orthopaedics we are experts in pain relief without going under the knife. Surgery has many risks and often a long recovery time. So if you are suffering with back pain, one of our injections may be a great option for you.

Stem Cell
Our office can give regenerative medicine injections to patients into the spine. We have a list of different regenerative medicine options that you can learn more about by going here:
Stem cell injections can help to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and help heal your body naturally.

Epidural Injections
With these injections a corticosteroid is injected into the spine. Your orthopaedic physician will have you lie on a table and the injection will be guided using fluoroscopic ultrasound technology to ensure the injection goes into the correct location of the spine.

Nerve Block Injections
Nerve blocks get injection near a nerve that has become irritated. This helps to numb the nerve and provide immediate relief. These injections are not long lasting but your physician can use the information from the injection to find the exact place you are experiencing pain.

Discography Injections
These injections are similar to nerve blocks and are used for the purpose of diagnosing a condition. Contrast dye gets injected and then under fluoroscopic ultrasound the physician is able to see exactly where the dye is leaking into the disc, and therefore can pin point what exactly is causing your pain.

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