Killer High Heels! How high heels cause multiple injuries

This season, fashion designers are continuing to create more and more unconventional high heels.  Even though they are considered very stylish, these shoes are “killers” and can cause multiple types of injuries, the most common being sprained ankles.  Most women can attest to corns and blisters, while trapped nerves, ingrown toenails and big toe joint replacements are some of the more serious but lesser know health effects from heels.

These injuries occur because of the unnatural fit of high heels; they are tighter and cause pressure on the foot, especially in the toes, injuries are more likely to happen. Also, higher heels can cause pain to the ball of the foot, because of the uneven distribution of body weight, as you can see in the x-ray image taken at the Non-Surgical Orthopaedics office in Marietta, GA.  Wearing heels can also cause an increased curve of the spine, which can cause back and neck pain.

Even with the knowledge of these consequences, women still wear high heels in order to be fashionable.  If you are one of these women, Non-Surgical Orthopaedics, P.C. has a few tips to prevent foot injuries.

Ensure an accurate fit as possible– The bottom of the foot should fit flush against the entire length of the shoe.  If there are gaps, the foot will not be receiving the best support.

Try to keep the heel height below 4 cm to avoid ankle injury- The higher the heel, the more likely a person is to loose balance and fall, risking injury. Naomi Campbell video on the runway.

Make use of the cushion inserts that are available– Protect the toes with gel covers to avoid corns and cushion the heel and forefoot to prevent soreness.   Apply protective linings to the internal stitching to stop blistering.

Try to wear high heels for short periods to allow your feet to recover– Keep a spare pair of flats in your car, at your desk, and in your purse to give your feet a rest.  Also, save heels for special occasions, not regular wear.

Strengthen ankle muscles and joints– Drawing the letters of the alphabet with your foot, without shoes on, will help to stretch and build muscles.  Also, when taking heels off, stretch your toes by spreading them.

With these tips, you can keep your “killer” heels on your feet, instead of in the closet!

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