How Tennis Elbow Benefits From Stem Cell Therapy

Pain from orthopaedic conditions, especially tennis elbow which is highlighted in this video, cause people to receive invasive treatments like surgery. Fortunately this is changing and new regenerative stem cell treatments like platelet rich plasma therapy “PRP” are available. Now instead of going under the knife patients can receive one of these injections and start to feel better and heal the injury.

Our physicians perform PRP injections by drawing your blood and then spinning it down in a centrifuge to create a mix of plasma and platelets. This mixture is injected into the injury site, or painful area in the body. This process helps to reduce inflammation, promote healing and regenerate damaged or painful structures.

PRP injections can benefit more than just tennis elbow. It can help with back or neck pain, arthritis, joint pain and other sports injuries.

Watch this video to learn more!

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