4 Tips For Choosing The Correct Footwear For Back Support


Did you know that the shoes you choose can contribute to pain in the back, knees, hips and feet? Your footwear can change the way you walk and your posture while you move. Here are a few tips we gathered to keep your spine aligned.

Tip #1: Get Rid Of The High Heels
Walking with shoes that have a high heel can disrupt your alignment. This disruption will force your body to try to make up for this imbalance by adjusting your hips and knees, and this puts extra stress on your lower back. The safest heel is one that falls under 1.5 inches and preferably women should wear flat shoes to work, especially if your job requires frequent standing or walking.

Tip#2: Check The Fit
Did you know that picking shoes that don’t properly fit is a common problem? Make sure you are choosing a shoe with the correct fit, even if that means speaking with an associate to help. Picking shoes that are too small will jam your toes into the shoe which will cause pain. If you choose shoes that are too big then you risk overcompensating when you take a step in an attempt to keep the shoe from falling off. In shoes that are too narrow, the shoe is literally pushing into your foot while you walk. So make sure you are choosing something that really fits your feet and doesn’t just look good.

sport-shoe-1470189_640Tip#3: Find A Custom Insert
Custom inserts provide extra padding and support while you walk or if you are standing for long periods of time. These help cushion as you walk and take some of the stress off of your knees. If your occupation requires a lot of standing or walking, make sure you find an orthotic insert that works for your shoes.

Tip#4: Give Custom Shose A Try
They might not be the most fashionable choices, but orthotic shoes provide a specialized fit to your foot and provide more arch support than shoes you would find at a normal shoe store. These shoes help to keep your alignment straight which means your muscles will be operating more efficiently.


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