Tips for Creating an Ergonomic Office Space

When you are working in an office environment, you may not realize the impact that your job has on your body. In fact, sitting at a desk for prolonged periods can cause you injury to the spine, shoulders, and wrists. You can minimize your chances of incurring these injuries by designing an ergonomic space at your desk where you can work comfortably every day.  

  • Invest in a high-quality office chair: The chair you sit in has a great effect on your posture, and the wrong chair can have you hunched over in pain. Selecting the right office chair may take some time, as you will want to find one that is most comfortable to you. Features to look for in an office chair include adjustable height and arm rests, lumbar support for the lower back, and breathable upholstery on the surface.
  • Use an ergonomic keyboard: If you spend a large portion of your day working on the computer, you are putting pressure on the ligaments and tendons in your wrist, which could result in carpal tunnel syndrome. An ergonomically designed keyboard offers a preferable layout for maintaining good posture in the upper body to reduce strain on the wrists.
  • Position items for ease of use: Try to minimize the clutter on your desk and only keep out items that you use frequently. Design your desk so that these items are within easy reach. When you do reach for items in desk drawers, be careful not to overextend the spine as you bend down.
  • Make your computer screen easily visible: Constantly arching the neck downwards to look at the computer screen can build up tension in the neck muscles and cause irritation. Prop the screen up so that you can see it without hurting your neck.

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