Myths About Stem Cell Treatments You Shouldn’t Believe


Myth #1
Stem cell treatments are only good for healing injuries

Stem cell treatment are good for old and new injuries, but it doesn’t stop there. Patients who have chronic joint pain, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, back or neck pain that originates from the spine and tendonitis can all benefit from a stem cell injection.

Myth #2
Stem cells come from abortions

Amniotic fluid or tissue does not come from embryonic tissue, as some people may assume. The tissue actually comes from c-section births. It is donated to the company and a representative is in the delivery room to take the tissue after the birth. The tissue is sterilized and can then be used.

Myth #3
Stem cell treatments have a lot of side effects

Amniotic tissue injections have been performed in over 600,000 patients according to our distributor and none of them have had negative reactions. The only side effects would be from the injection itself such as tenderness, redness, pain at the site of the injection and risk of infection from the injection.

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