How Athletes Can Benefit From PRP And Stem Cell Therapy


If you are a professional athlete you know how important it is to keep your body at an exceptional level. Minor injuries can sometimes mean the difference in championship games and careers. Surgery is especially devastating for athletes because of the long down time and resting period. This is why more and more Orthopaedic physicians are turning to regenerative stem cell treatments to treat their patients who are also athletes.

In truth even old injuries that have developed into chronic pain can benefit from stem cell and PRP therapy options. These injections are minimally invasive and can help to reduce swelling and inflammation and facilitate healing. After a regenerative medicine injection there is much less down time compared with surgery don’t require constant rest and a long period of medications for the pain.

There are different options for regenerative medicine injections. Check out our website here where you can find information on all of the options available at this time to patients. There are very few side effects of stem cell injections, sometimes there is some swelling and tenderness but that often subsides quickly.

For an athlete, taking time off for surgery is next to impossible and they put it off, leading to a more injured and painful condition and requiring more down time in the long run. Stem cell and PRP injections offer a faster way to start the healing process and get back to the game.

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