Decrease Your Chance Of Back Pain With Our Tips


Millions of Americans are dealing with back pain, and most everyone will experience back pain at some point in their life. Given how common this ailment is, it can still be prevented. Here we list the easiest ways to prevent back pain as you age. Following these tips may just help prevent you from experiencing this pain.

Back pain is affected by a person’s weight. Extra weight causes excess pressure on the spine which can do damage to the spine, specifically the vertebrae and discs. If you want to decrease your chances of future back pain the first step is to get to a healthy weight. If you are already experiencing back pain, discuss which exercises are best for your condition with your doctor first and then get yourself to a healthy weight and hopefully this will take some of the pressure off your spine.

Surprisingly, smoking does more than affect your lungs. Smoking is also directly correlated with back pain. When you smoke, nutrients that are supposed to reach the discs in your back are blocked. Chronic smokers who have a cough can also have back pain. Quitting smoking is great for your back but also for your overall health and is recommended to maintaining a healthy body.

Using Gear
If you participate in sports that require a lot of intense exercise, it is important to use all the safety gear that can help prevent you from getting hurt. If you are working at a job that requires a lot of lifting, standing or sitting it is also important to use braces and not push yourself to the point where you are feeling pain in your back. If you are feeling pain, talk with your supervisor and see if there are ways they can make it easier on your back.

A large majority of Americans, especially those who sit or drive a lot for their jobs, have bad posture. If you have trouble with your posture, consider setting a reminder multiple times a day to check your posture and make sure you are not slouching. There are posture reminders on the marketing today that can actually vibrate whenever you start to slouch. You pin it to your shirt and the reminder keeps track of how you are sitting. What a great holiday gift idea for our friend who have back pain!

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