Answering Questions: How Amniotic Tissue Injections Can Improve Chronic Pain Disorders


Amniotic tissue has been used and researched for over 100 years. Our office has recently begun using amniotic tissue injections for our chronic pain patients. Here we are answering the most common questions we get about amniotic tissue and how it works. If you have any other questions please visit us online or give our office a call.

What is an injection with amniotic tissue?
Amniotic tissue injections are used in patients who are dealing with chronic pain which includes but is not limited to pain from arthritis or a previous injury in the neck, shoulder, back, knee, or any joint or injury site. Tissue from the placenta is turned into a powder and mixed with saline and injected into the patient. The tissue contains growth factors that help to recruit stem cells to come to an injury site and increases healing and modulates inflammation.

Where does amniotic tissue come from?
Amniotic tissue does not come from embryonic tissue, as some people may assume. The tissue actually comes from c-section births. It is donated to the company and a representative is in the deliver room to take the tissue after the birth. The tissue is sterilized and can then be used.

Are there any requirements for the people who donate tissue?
All the same blood tests are done that are required of someone who has volunteered as a blood donor, plus a questionnaire and travel restrictions.  That means patients cannot travel to South America recently and have the potential for carrying the Zika virus.

How long until I start to feel better from an injection?
Patients who receive injections normally will continue seeing decreases in pain for about 6 months which starts immediately after the injection happens.  In the first 4-6 weeks there should be a significant decrease in pain.  Each follow up visit after they will continue to see improvements until around the 6 month mark.

Is there a risk for negative reactions?
Amniotic tissue injections have been performed in over 600,000 patients according to our distributor and none of them have had negative reactions.

Are there side effects to the injection?
Some of the most common side effects would be tenderness at the site of the injection, redness, and pain that can last the first 1-2 days after the injection. The range of pain that can be felt after the injection varies, and our office does everything necessary to reduce the likeliness of pain.

How to I qualify for an injection?
You will need to be evaluated by one of our physicians in our Marietta, Canton or Carrollton offices to see if you are a candidate for amniotic tissue injections.

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