Do Aches and Pains Predict the Rain?

Does-Weather-Affect-Joint-Pain-Park-East-Chiropractic-Brooklyn-Park-MNAfter enjoying a few days of sunshine, we are back to rainy cold weather in Georgia. While the bad weather may not currently apply for other parts of the country, it is probably safe to say that we have all experienced a bout of rain at some point. Here’s the true question though. Have you ever noticed your already painful joints really flaring up when the weather changes? If you’ve never noticed increased joint pain on an already gloomy day, consider yourself lucky. However, if you are one who is able to predict upcoming bad weather just by recognizing that your knee hurts a little more than normal, there actually might be some truth to your prediction.

According to a feature written on WebMD, weather and joint pain actually does correlate. There are several factors linking the two. Click here to view the full article. In the meantime, next time you feel an immediate increase in joint pain go ahead and predict the rain. The truth is, you’re probably right.

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