Tai Chi Practice May Be Beneficial To Arthritis Suffers

tai chi from pixabay

Looking for a new way to control your arthritis pain?  Tai chi may hold promising results through it’s gentle movements for those who are suffering with the daily pain of arthritis.  Tai chi is well known as an alternative therapy for anyone who is suffering with chronic ailments.

Chi means energy in Chinese and tai chi uses the movement of energy throughout the body, which helps with the blood circulation.  Tai chi works in tandem with the alignment and motion of the body through slow motion exercises where it is less likely to get worn out during the workout.  You build muscles that you don’t use when only walking, and some muscles that you may not be used to using, such as around your hip.

The Arthritis Foundation and other health organizations recommend tai chi as a way to help balance your body and mind, as well as for arthritis.  Movement becomes easier when your muscles are flexible and strong.  Tai chi allows you to build those muscles through slow and gentle movements, which some describe as graceful.

Several studies have shown that there are physical benefits to tai chi.  One 1997 study found 15 adults who took 15 tai chi classes reported a reduced risk of falls.  Other studies have found increased ability for movement, reduced pain in legs, and stronger abdominal muscles.

One of the reasons tai chi is so helpful is because it allows all parts of your body to move and become more flexible.  Most tai chi classes are around an hour long, with each exercise movement lasting two minutes, so all areas of the body get attention.  Instead of purchasing a video of tai chi, it is better to learn from an instructor who is qualified and has worked with people who have arthritis before.  They can give modified movements to people who have pain and are unable to perform the full movements.

According to an ancient legend “if you meditate and do tai chi for 100 days in a row, you will gain back eight years of youth.”  If this ancient legend is true, why not start today!






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