Pain Relief From Old And New Sports Injuries


If you are an athlete or a “weekend warrior” who has been injured, or maybe you have an old sports injury that causes you pain, you are probably looking for a solution to help your body heal and live pain free. Your first step should be visiting an Orthopaedic physician who can help you evaluate and treat a sports injury. Here we have listed some of our best options for treatments to discuss with your doctor.

If you are regularly playing sports it is important to minimize your risk for future injuries. This means using the appropriate gear and following game rules to try to avoid future injuries. Stretching before and after you play is a great way to keep injuries away. Taking a few minutes for a warm-up will help you improve circulation, flexibility and strength in the muscles.

Stem Cell Injections
If you have a new, or an old, sports injury you should consider stem cell therapy injections to help you heal naturally. Our office offers multiple stem cell injection options. Stem cell injections are full of growth factors that, when injected in an injured area, help to recruit stem cells to the injured area and help it heal and reduce inflammation. This treatment is completely safe and our practice has seen an 85% improvement in patients.

Right After An Injury
If you sustain an injury you should stop the activity immediately and evaluate it. Don’t continue to play through the pain because you could make the injury worse in the long run. If the injury is serious, call for emergency services. If the injury is not serious consider rest, ice and elevation. Read our blog about what to do right after an injury for more information:

Avoid Repetitive Stress
Repetitive motion injuries happen when you perform the same activity over and over again whether playing a sport or on a job site. This action causes stress and pressure on your bones and muscles. These injuries are common for athletes so it is important that whenever you start to feel pain from that activity you take a break or cease the activity. If you enjoy being active, consider switching it up, playing different sports each season or mixing up your workouts so you are not doing the same repetitive motions for too long a period at a time.

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