It’s Time To Commit To Great Sleep With Our 4 Tips

sleeping-690429_640Get On A Schedule
Even if you are not tired, stick to your bedtime. Find a time each night where you turn off all electronics and turn off the lights. This will signal your body it is time for sleep even if you don’t feel like it at the moment. Here is a tip for weekends: you may want to sleep in but it’s actually better for your sleep cycle to stick to your normal weekday schedule. It will be so much easier for you to get to bed on Sunday night at a reasonable time when you don’t sleep in on Sunday morning.

Consider Diet Changes
Alcohol may help you get to sleep initially but it makes your sleep restless, waking up multiple times during the night. Try skipping the alcohol and see if it helps you get a more restful sleep. Other changes like drinking herbal teas and eating fish, nuts and cherries are also helpful. We have a more complete list on another blog which includes supplement suggestions. You can find that here.

Exercise And Stretching Helps
Regular exercise during the day is good for you in many ways, but it also helps you get to sleep at night. Light stretching before you hit the sack is also a great idea and can help you relax. Staying active helps decrease stress and increases positive chemical changes in the brain, like the release of serotonin.

Keep Your Stress At Bay
When your mind is running wild at night of all the things you have to accomplish the next day it’s hard to fall asleep. Consider using meditation before bed to help you clear the thoughts in your mind and reduce your stress.  There are a lot of yoga sequences that are tailored specifically for relaxation so you can get your exercise in and reduce stress at the same time.


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