Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is an extremely common complaint. After all, no joint moves more in your body than your shoulder. As it lifts, twists, and carries, it is prone to dislocation and injury. A number of different issues can cause pain in your shoulder; here are some of the most common culprits behind this pain:  

Shoulder Dislocation

When you twist and turn your arms, it is possible to pop the top of your bone out of the socket in your shoulder. You will likely experience pain as soon as the injury happens, and you may even hear a pop. In some cases, the pain may be nagging instead of severe. If your shoulder pain is accompanied by a feeling that your arm is hanging loose or that you can’t move as freely as normal, you likely have a shoulder dislocation.


Tendons attach muscles to bones. Tendonitis refers to the swelling of those tendons. There are two major tendons in your shoulder that are vulnerable to this condition: the bicep tendon and the rotator cuff tendon. With bicep tendonitis, you will experience pain when you raise your arm over your head or swing your arm. If your rotator cuff tendon is the problem, you will be unable to lift your arm over shoulder level and may experience pain as you reach and pull. Injuries and repetitive use usually cause tendonitis, but thyroid disease, gout, and arthritis may also be to blame.

Shoulder Sprain

When your shoulder tendons stretch or tear, it is called a shoulder strain. Although most shoulder sprains happen instantly as the result of an injury, it is possible for a sprain to build up over time with repetitive use. Pain and limited mobility are the most common symptoms. You may also experience swelling.

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Shoulder Pain

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