The Basics Of Workers’ Compensation


Many people are not familiar with workers’ compensation or how the process works when you sustain an injury at work.  Workers’ compensation is an insurance your employer is required to have, which helps to reimburse the healthcare costs of employees who are injured at work.  For federal employees, the federal government regulates the workers’ compensation programs, and for all other employees, the state is the regulatory agency.  Finding a physician to handle your orthopaedic related injury is easy, just look for someone with experience dealing with these types of claims and who is experienced working with adjustors to insure you receive the best care.  Non-Surgical Orthopaedics in Marietta, Canton and Carrollton, Georgia, is a great fit.  Visit for more information.

Workers’ compensation insurance will cover an employee who suffers from an illness, injury or disease from their normal job activities.  This means your injury can happen anywhere that you are performing your normal duties, not necessarily at the physical location of your employment.  Workers’ compensation will not cover any illnesses or diseases that are self-inflicted, that happen while violating a company policy, are sustained while committing a crime, or where the employee is intoxicated.

Once an injury, illness, or disease happens, it is important you inform a supervisor of the health issue unless it is a medical emergency, in which case you should get help immediately at a hospital.  Any treatments received during this period are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance including follow-up visits, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and any other specialized office visits that are related to the injury.  The program also includes disability payments if the employee is unable to work for a period of time.

After any urgent care or emergency treatment, now is the time to find out who you should see for follow-up treatments.  Your employer may only cover certain physicians, or your urgent care facility can refer you for treatment at another location.  Work with your employer and initial urgent care physician to find out the best course of treatment for your workers’ compensation related injury.

Non-Surgical Orthopaedics understands the complexities of work-related injuries and the associated emotional and financial strain. It is our commitment to the injured worker to provide the best medical care available, related to the accident, while providing outstanding customer service. Our physicians will see patients within 24 hours of any acute work-related injury.

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