This Year, Stop Smoking with Acupuncture

With a new year come fresh resolutions filled with the nasty habits that you’d like to quit.  For many smokers who are looking to kick their smoking habit once and for all, acupuncture just might be the perfect remedy.

Derived from the Chinese who practiced the technique with sharpened stones, acupuncture today consists of fine needles that are inserted into the body to alleviate various problems or conditions and mostly promote relaxation and peace of mind.

As a common treatment for those addicted to substances, acupuncture is known to be a helpful remedy because of its ability to decrease cravings and minimize withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, restlessness, and even difficulty concentrating.  Acupuncture therapy can also help support detoxification and cause relaxation.

Since acupuncture is a customized procedure, each patient is treated differently according to their unique physical and mental conditions.  However, acupuncture points on the ear, wrist, and other specific organs in the body, which are common areas used for smoking termination treatment because of their associations with the organs and vigorous pathways related to smoking.

A usual acupuncture session can last anywhere between five and 30 minutes. Typically, a smoking cessation program will consist of four to six initial treatments that are later followed by once-monthly treatments over a course of approximately lasting for around five months.

Since acupuncture is no “cure” or instant treatment to quit smoking, it can be effective for individuals who have proven in the past to have a difficult time with kicking their smoking habit.  In addition to acupuncture therapy to help refrain from smoking, check out the tips below to supplement and improve your smoke-free recovery.

Increase Exercise- When individuals exercise and get their blood flowing by being active, it makes them remember why they shouldn’t smoke and can actually reduce stress levels better.  Exercise also helps aid in relaxation much more than a cigarette puff can.

Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables- Consuming fresher foods and drinking vegetable juices helps to flush out nicotinic acid in the blood and strengthen blood sugar.

Eat Carrots and Greens- By eating anything related to carrots, celery and, leafy greens or citrus fruits, your body can decrease nicotine cravings while promoting body alkalinity.

Eat Healthier- Avoid junk foods that contain high sugar content and can increase blood sugar levels, which in turn, intensify smoking withdrawal symptoms.

Sip Green Tea- During the detox phase, drinking cups of green tea can help dramatically to discourage nicotine yearnings and helps keep the tissues filled with purifying substances.

Drink Plenty of Water- Various research proves that dryness in the mouth and body can cause smoking cravings, so drinking water throughout the day can alleviate the problem.

Breathe Deeply- Have you ever been advised to “take a deep breath” when angry? Well, practicing deep breathing drills has plenty of positive effects on the body, like increasing oxygen flow, as well as keeping you calm and centered.

With just a hand-full of acupuncture sessions along with the smoke-free tips mentioned above, you too can be on the fast track to quitting cigarettes and regaining a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle this year.

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