It’s Time To Debunk These Back Pain Myths


Back pain is one of the symptoms most complained about at doctors visits. We have an 80% chance of having some form of back pain in our lives. Even though this is one of the most common health problems, there are many myths about back pain that have yet to be debunked. Knowing these myths ensures that you don’t interfere with your treatments and get better faster.

Myth #1
Exercise Is Off Limits With Back Pain

When we have a source of pain in our body we automatically assume we should become overprotective and try to avoid activities. The truth is that could actually lead to further injury and loss of muscle strength, adding to pain.

Myth #2
It Is Normal To Get Back Pain As We Get Older

In reality, back pain doesn’t happen to everyone as the age. Just because you have a few extra years in your pocket doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still take back pain seriously and avoid seeing a doctor. Also, if you have back pain when you are younger, it doesn’t automatically mean it will continue to get worse as you age. No matter your age you should consult with a physician.

Myth #3
Surgery Is The Only Option For Back Pain

In about 95% of cases surgery is not needed. In fact, if surgery is recommended in your case you should always get a second option and try other options if possible. Offices that have things like steroid injections and stem cell therapy injections may be able to help you become pain free without going under the knife.


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