Halloween Safety Tips

Happy Halloween! This is an exciting and fun-filled time of the year for children and adults alike. But, there are also hazards that present themselves during the festivities. Follow these safety tips to ensure that your Halloween is as safe as possible!


For the kids…


Never trick-or-treat alone

Always use the buddy system when out and about on Halloween night. Trick-or-treat with a parent or large group to avoid putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

Wear reflective tape when walking around at night

When walking around in the dark, it can be easy to be missed by drivers. By adding reflective tape to costumes, you will be much more visible to oncoming traffic.


Pick eyewear and masks carefully

Although these articles may complete your costume, they are not worth your safety. Make sure eye masks don’t block your vision, which will prevent you from falling or hurting yourself. This tip is important for both kids and adults.


Walk on sidewalks when possible and look both ways before crossing the street

This is a tip that should be used always, not only on Halloween. But, this night increases danger of car-related accidents, so awareness is key to your safety. Everyone should follow this tip.


Never talk to strangers or go into a stranger’s house

Trick-or-treating greatly increases your chance of running into many more strangers than normal. When walking on the street or walking up to a house, do not talk to people you don’t know and don’t enter the houses or cars of people you do not trust or know well.


For the adults…

 Don’t drink and drive

Halloween night is a time for celebration for many adults, which, in many cases, includes alcohol. If you are drinking this Halloween, designate a driver or call a cab or Uber driver to get you home safely. Never get behind the wheel if you have consumed alcohol.

Drive carefully and turn your headlights on

Halloween night brings a much higher pedestrian count to the streets. Because of this, drivers must be on much higher alert than normal. Driving slowly and turning your headlights on early can help you to spot trick-or-treater and partygoers easier.


Watch out for fire hazards when decorating

Jack-o-lanterns, candles and decorative lights help to prepare your house for Halloween and get you in the festive mood. However, these fun decorations can also be fire hazards if not set up properly. Using battery-powered candles if possible and not over-using power outlets can help reduce your risk of starting a fire.



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