A Look At Sports Injuries

There are many different treatment options for someone dealing with an athletic injury.  The physician will consider your medical history as well as the severity and type of injury to recommend the most effective type of treatment.  Here is a look at a few of those treatment options that a physician may recommend. 

sports injuriesAthletic Injury Treatment in Pain Management

Athletic injuries can include anything from chronic back pain, neck or shoulder pain, knee or leg pain, foot pain, and pain in any of the joints to name a few.  If pain is keeping you from living the life you want, your orthopaedic physician can help you regain strength and bring you back to your normal self.  Some treatment options include pain medications, injections into the area where the injury has occurred, and even using heat and ice packs to help ease the inflammation and pain that comes with a sports injury.

sports injuriesModifying Your Activity

For a severe injury, or something that is causing chronic pain, the patient may need to modify their activity levels until the injury is healed.  This may include using a brace, splint, sling or bandage to help prevent movement.  The patient may also need to avoid placing too much pressure on the injury, or doing some routine activities which may make the injury worse.

baseball-player-1045263_1280Rehab and Physical Therapy

When the healing process has begun, your physician may give you certain exercises to promote healing or send you to a physical therapist to direct your exercise plan.  It is important to continue to do these exercises in between visits with your physician therapist or your physician.  Some examples of exercises may include weight training, stretching, resistance bands and walking.  You should refrain from athletic activity unless the physical therapist or physician clears you for that activity to prevent the risk of additional injuries.

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