7 Ways You Can Treat Foot Pain At Home

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Foot pain is a common complaint among patients visiting their doctors. Sometimes this pain is due to exercise and other times it is from general wear and tear. The first step in getting better is to find out what kind of foot pain you are having, and then you can start the process of healing. We have selected the most effective at home treatments to help your feet feel better.

Hot Bath With Epsom Salt
Using heat on your feet can help promote blood flow, and Epsom salt helps to soothe feet and make them feel better. Magnesium in the Epsom salt is great for relaxation.

Alternate Hot And Cold
Some people find foot pain relief by filling up two buckets, one with cold water and another with hot water. They keep their feet in the hot water for around 3 minutes and then transfer to the cold water for 1 minute. Then repeat two or three times and finish with the cold water.

Use A Shoe Insert
Find a custom shoe insert to help provide extra support and padding when you walk or stand for extended time. The inserts provide an extra cushion support that takes stress off the knees and feet. If you are working in a profession where standing or walking is required, it is especially important to find a shoe insert that takes the stress off your feet.

Stretching can help to ease the discomfort of foot pain and maybe even prevent future pain. Try using a tennis ball on the floor and roll your foot arch back and forth over the ball for a few minutes. You can also use your hands to grab your toes and gently stretch them back and forth.

Especially if your feet are hurting due to overuse, resting is a great way to give your feet a break and relax. Try elevating the foot that hurts and see if this helps with the pain.

Foot Massage
Try giving your feet a massage to release some of the tension that is built up from walking all day. Find some lotion, sit in a comfortable position and use your hands to massage your feet and toes.

Over The Counter Medications
Your local pharmacy has plenty of pain relievers, and you probably already have some at your home, that can help relieve pain. Many people see relief with NSAID pain medications such as Aleve and Advil, but other medications may be able to help such as Tylenol. There are also over the counter lotion medications that can help sooth the pain in your foot.

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