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If you are struggling with chronic low back pain you have probably tried multiple treatment options and various medications to try to eradicate it. According to this article on Huffington Post, a recent study shows that walking daily can be as effective on reduction of pain as physical therapy sessions. Many personal trainers say walking 10,000 steps a day is ideal. But starting a new 10,000 step walking regime is daunting. That’s why we have included a few tips to help you get started and stick to it.

Make A Commitment
This is a daily effort and you should start the process by knowing it is going to take some time and you are going to have to make effort to reach your goals. Staying consistent is important so try to turn this effort into a habit.

Start Slow
Don’t assume you will be able to start with 10,000 steps in your first week. Instead, start tracking your steps and try increasing it some where between 200-300 steps each day, or every other day.

Keep Track
Using a pedometer can help you keep track of your daily steps. You can purchase one that hooks on your belt or shoes. For many of us, our smart phones already has the built in capabilities to track our steps. Tracking is a great way to know you are meeting your goals and keep you motivated to see your success.

Remind Yourself
It’s hard to remember something every day, so set up daily reminders to get up during your work hours and walk even a small amount every hour. Your phone can be set to remind you every hour to get up. Consider walking for a brief period before or after each meal.

Get Creative
This habit doesn’t have to be a bother everyday. Enjoy yourself as you increase your walking goals. Possibly go for a walk instead of watching TV or getting onto social media. Sometimes it’s better to walk to a co-worker’s desk instead of sending an email. Parking farther away from your office or grocery store makes you get in those extra steps.

Join A Friend
It is always easier to stick to a fitness routine when you have a friend who is just as motivated. A neighbor, co-worker, friend or family member can give you the extra push to get up and move when you are feeling tired.

Support Is Key
Not only is family and friend support important, but your shoes are vital to your success as well! Make sure you are choosing the right pair for your foot so that you don’t cause additional problems to your hips or knees by walking a lot. Find a store who can help you find the right fit, and if they are too expensive to buy there, take that information online and find a sale that is just right for you!


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