Musculoskeletal Pain Relief

Understanding the Role of Steroids in Pain Management

When the body experiences trauma, the tissues can become inflamed. This inflammation occurs because the cells that comprise those tissues are trying to repair the injured site. However, inflammation can also cause discomfort, swelling, and stiffness, which can greatly inhibit a person’s mobility and quality of life. To alleviate these conditions, a pain management specialist may […]

Should I Stretch Before Getting Out of Bed?

Because slipped discs generally occur within the first hour of your day, it’s very important that you stretch your back as soon as you wake up. Back muscles can constrict during sleep and may not be ready for exertion as soon as you get out of bed. Your mind may already be awake, but your body […]

How the Healthy Spine Works

Your spine is an amazing structure with the flexibility that allows you to move freely and the strength to support your body weight.  A healthy spine is not only responsible for your mobility, but also for protecting large portions of the nervous system.  Learn more about how a healthy spine works in this overview of spinal […]

Nutrition and Joint Pain

There is a lot of discussion about the role of nutrition in joint pain, but there is no miracle diet that will help you control your arthritis pain. However, eating a healthy diet is important for everyone, and there are some ways that your nutrition can influence your health and help you manage your joint […]

Managing Joint Pain

Joint pain can be a result of an injury or one of many types of arthritis. While the treatment for different causes of joint pain can be different, there are some general guidelines for managing symptoms of joint pain. For mild to moderate joint pain and stiffness, taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can help manage […]

What Causes Bone Pain?

Pain within the bones  is relatively uncommon, especially compared to muscle and joint pain. Bone pain can be caused by conditions that can be serious, so it should always be checked out by a medical professional. In some cases, the cause of bone pain may be obvious. Bone fractures caused by traumatic injury are usually […]

Remedies for Painful Joints

Joint pain is a common condition among adults which most commonly affects the knee and hip joints. Joint pain can interfere with a person’s mobility, because it often makes normal movement and functioning of the joint difficult or impossible. Inflammation of a joint in general is called arthritis. Arthritis is not one disease, but a […]

What is Shingles and How Can it Be Treated?

Shingles is one form of an infection with a virus called varicella-zoster. Shingles is also known as “herpes zoster,” because the virus belongs to the herpes virus family. The virus that causes shingles is not the same virus that causes the sexually transmitted infection genital herpes. This virus is also the cause of the disease […]

Pain Management in the Athlete

Pain management in the athlete represents a great challenge.  From an athlete’s perspective, pain is a reminder that the body has not yet healed from an injury.  Athletes place an extraordinary amount of stress and demand on their bodies.  Pain can thus be a result of bone trauma, muscle strain, or a soft tissue / […]

Injection Therapies That May Relieve Your Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common affliction for adults, in part because it can be attributed to so many causes, from dislocation of the joint to ligament injuries to arthritis. These conditions are typically treated without surgery using a multi-step approach to relieve pain and rebuild strength in the knee.     Injection therapies are an […]