Arnold J. Weil

How Does a Stress Fracture Occur?

Stress fractures are injuries caused by overuse of the muscles. They are particularly common among athletes who participate in activities that tax the lower body. Proper diagnosis of these injuries is the first step in developing an effective treatment and prevention plan. Causes of Stress Fractures Unlike acute fractures, stress fractures occur as a result of […]

When Is Stretching Not a Good Idea for Back Pain?

Low back pain is a very common problem affecting millions of people at any given time. The economic toll of chronic low back pain (three months or longer) has been estimated to be between $12 to $90 billion from loss of work productivity, cost of treatment, and disability payments, according to the American Academy of Family […]

Georgia Institute for Clinical Research, LLC

The Clinical Research Department at Non-Surgical Orthopaedics, P.C. partners with Biomedical companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry in conducting Phase II – Phase IV Clinical Trials. Our experienced full-time Coordinators and Board Certified Physicians offer a variety of Clinical Studies for numerous diagnoses including: Chronic musculoskeletal pain Low back pain Neuropathic pain Migraine headaches Elbow pain / […]

Why Do We Experience Physical Pain?

There’s no doubt about it: Pain stinks. We all hate it  and a lot of us go to great lengths to try and get rid of the pain. And yet, it’s a constant part of human experience. But why do people feel physical pain  and does everyone feel pain the same way? As much as […]