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What is Shingles and How Can it Be Treated?

Shingles is one form of an infection with a virus called varicella-zoster. Shingles is also known as “herpes zoster,” because the virus belongs to the herpes virus family. The virus that causes shingles is not the same virus that causes the sexually transmitted infection genital herpes. This virus is also the cause of the disease […]

Georgia Institute for Clinical Research, LLC

The Clinical Research Department at Non-Surgical Orthopaedics, P.C. partners with Biomedical companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry in conducting Phase II – Phase IV Clinical Trials. Our experienced full-time Coordinators and Board Certified Physicians offer a variety of Clinical Studies for numerous diagnoses including: Chronic musculoskeletal pain Low back pain Neuropathic pain Migraine headaches Elbow pain / […]

Pain Management in the Athlete

Pain management in the athlete represents a great challenge.  From an athlete’s perspective, pain is a reminder that the body has not yet healed from an injury.  Athletes place an extraordinary amount of stress and demand on their bodies.  Pain can thus be a result of bone trauma, muscle strain, or a soft tissue / […]

Injection Therapies That May Relieve Your Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common affliction for adults, in part because it can be attributed to so many causes, from dislocation of the joint to ligament injuries to arthritis. These conditions are typically treated without surgery using a multi-step approach to relieve pain and rebuild strength in the knee.     Injection therapies are an […]