Monthly Archives: March 2012

How Yoga Helps in Decreasing Back pain

Performing yoga has helped many people to manage their back pain; it also leads to an improvement in mood and ability to function.  Patient who practice yoga have more success in pain management than those who reply on only conventional treatment. In a recent study, a group of people were tasked with attending a yoga […]

Support Braces for Back Pain

Motion of the lumbar (lower) spine can delay healing in fractures or in post-operative fusions. Limiting the motion of the spine enhances the healing process for bone in both conditions, and will also usually decrease the patient’s low back pain and discomfort. Two types of back braces are commonly used to limit the motion in […]

Tips for Creating an Ergonomic Office Space

When you are working in an office environment, you may not realize the impact that your job has on your body. In fact, sitting at a desk for prolonged periods can cause you injury to the spine, shoulders, and wrists. You can minimize your chances of incurring these injuries by designing an ergonomic space at your […]

Understanding Degenerative Disc Disease

You are able to move freely without causing severe impact injuries to your spine because of the spongy, shock-absorbing discs that separate each of the spinal vertebrae. These discs are unlike the bone they support because they are soft, gel-filled, and flexible.   Degenerative disc disease is a common term associated with back pain, as […]

Stay Fit and Pain Free With This Great Stretching App

Stretching is one of the easiest ways to stay fit and healthy.  Stretching is an integral part of exercise and is also important in everyday life.  Many people underestimate the importance of stretching and injure themselves as a result. The Stretching Exercises App from the Android App store is a great resource for a myriad of stretches. […]