Do You Travel Often? Check Your Baggage and Avoid Back Pain

baggage and back painBaggage Check to Avoid Back Pain

Do you lug heavy bags every day, which contribute to daily back pain? Are you toting a heavy computer and a tote filled with weighty items for work? Are you juggling another sack stuffed with personal items such as a change of shoes or sneakers plus workout clothes, headphones and more?

As families rush out the door each morning, they grab heaps of heavy belongings to navigate through the day. Now, children with heavy backpacks have joined the ranks of those at risk of injuring their backs. To avoid unnecessary back pain, here are some steps to ease your family’s load.

Prepare in Advance

Rather than scooping up every item in sight at the last minute, allow enough time to pack your tote or travel bag for a trip in advance. Follow these tips to lighten your load:

  • Take your time, and carefully determine that you will actually use each item.

  • Empty your cosmetics bag, and carry only absolutely essential items.

  • Cut clothing and shoe changes down to the bare minimum.

  • Instead of toting heavy chargers for electronics, consider using one at your destination.

Distribute Weight Evenly

To avoid straining one area of your back, be sure to distribute weight evenly. Here are some additional tips:

  • Make sure that the contents of each bag contain manageable weight.

  • If you have three bags to juggle, don’t load all of them on one shoulder.

  • If you are carrying a pocketbook or computer bag cross-wise over the shoulder and body, hold up the carrier from underneath to ease the strain.

  • Use travel bags on wheels to take the load off your back completely.

With some advanced planning and careful packing of only essential items, you can lighten the load on your back. If you are still experiencing back pain, call Non-Surgical Orthopaedics at 770-421-1420 for immediate relief now.

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