The Importance of Cooling Down After Exercising

Just like a warm up session is important before starting with any exercise, in a similar way a cool down session is also very much needed after you are through with them.

Warm up helps your body to prepare itself for the long session of exercises piled ahead. It makes sure that do not get into muscle stretch or ligament tear during any exercise.

Similarly, when you finish with your exercises you have to go through a cool down session in order to make sure your risen body temperature comes back to normal. Cool down session also decreases the amount and intensity of lactic acids produced in the body after the exercises.

Frequent session of hard-core exercises makes muscle sore, stiff and leads to fatigue along with raising the heartbeat and blood pressure. Before you exit your gym room it is essential for you to bring all these things back to normal, otherwise you might feel dizzy or faint. This happens due to the pooling up of venous blood at its extremes after a vigorous exercise session.

The cool down session involves 5-10 minutes of jogging or walking to help bring down the body temperature to normal along with decreasing the produced waste. Other part of the session includes some specific kind of static stretching exercises to loosen up your muscles and tissues. These static exercises include chest stretch, biceps stretch, upper backstretch, shoulder and triceps stretch, lower back muscle stretch, hip and thigh stretch, side bends, and many more. These static cool down exercises are to be chosen as per the more stressed body part after the exercises.

People often doesn’t realize the importance of warm up or cool down sessions but it is a fact that when you perform them in the right manner it tends to add up to the benefits of your exercises.

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