Do You Sit Too Much? Could Sitting Be the Cause of Your Back Pain?

sitting too much could cause back painIs Too Much Sitting Good For You

Not if it hurts your back. Do you sit in front of your computer all day? Have you experienced excruciating pain on your back when you try to stand up or bend down? This is a sign that you have been sitting for far too long for your own good. Sitting all day is not good for you.

Tips to Prevent Back Pains From Sitting Too Much

Aside from a seemingly sedentary lifestyle, sitting for an extended period of time also prevents other parts of your body from functioning properly. To relieve your back of the pressure of being in the same position for hours, here are some tips to help ease the pain:

  • While sitting, raise your arms and reach for the ceiling. Keep this position for at least 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat for a couple of times

  • Stand up and walk a few paces from your desk

  • Use a seat cushion especially if you are sitting on a hard chair

  • Find the right chair height for your desk. A chair that is too low or high may have a negative impact on your back muscles especially if you work on the computer all day. The right angle of your arm to the desk could make the difference between a comfortable working mode while sitting and unbearable back pain at the end of the day

If the pain persists, you may be suffering from other back problems that is worsened by prolonged sitting. You should have your back examined by your doctor so you know if your are suffering from a serious medical condition or other discomfort that contribute to the pain.

Here are some possible factors:

  • Scoliosis or abnormal spinal curvature

  • Herniated spinal disc

  • Uncomfortable sleeping position or bed

  • Bad posture

Continuous suffering from back pain can get in the way of your work and a lot of things in your life. Find immediate relief and call Non-Surgical Orthopaedics at 770-421-1420 now!

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