Heart Healthy Foods, Vitamins and Supplements

Since February is the American Heart Association’s proclaimed heart health month, it is only suiting to discuss eating habits that will help you maintain a happy, healthy heart. Therefore, here is a list of main foods, along with vitamins and supplements, which may help maintain a healthy beating heart and to promote a longer life span.

Blueberries and plant sterols: Blueberries are at the top of the list of powerful foods that help prevent and fight disease. These little blue, flavorful fruits are stuffed with anthocyanins, along with vitamin C and fiber. A great thing about this super food is that it is grown and harvested all year round, so consumers can buy it from their local grocery stores or farmers markets regularly. Plant sterols, on the other hard, are developed from plant-based foods and should be taken in two gram increments every day, if fresh fruit is not an option.

Salmon and fish oil: This common pink fish is filled with heart healthy protein and omega 3 fatty acids. The American Heart Association recommends that people eat fish at least two times a week to void off severe heart issues. Salmon is the perfect fish to eat because it can be very versatile in the preparations used, it requires a quick cook time, and there are many variations on the type of cooked fish like raw, smoked, grilled or baked. If you’re not a fan of salmon or fish in general, take fish oil supplement pills daily. They contain the same omega 3 fatty acids as real fish, as well as anti-inflammatory materials.

Oatmeal and fiber supplements: Yes, the hot cereal-tasting breakfast food that you ate growing up is actually extremely good for you and can reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Oats are packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals and have even been proven to prevent certain types of cancer. Oats in oatmeal fill your stomach up and can keep you full for hours along with helping to lower your overall cholesterol.

Spinach: This dark green leafy vegetable is the king of vegetables when it comes to promoting a healthy lifestyle with vitamins, iron, folate and disease-fighting ingredients. As an extra bonus, spinach also promotes better eye sight, as well as shields against heart disease.

Soy protein and soy supplements: Soy lowers cholesterol, which makes it easier for your heart to function properly. It is a protein that contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber that all work to maintain a healthier, stronger heart. Edamame, tofu, and soy milk are all great foods to eat or drink to get your daily soy intake in to help your heart. However, taking soy products might lead to other complications if individuals take blood-thinning medications or already have cancer. Take precautions before indulging in too many soy products or supplements, so like all of the above mentioned foods and supplements, make sure to talk with your doctor directly to create a personal heart health plan.

Knowing now about how to promote longer lasting heart health, individuals can exercise these eating habits and in return, should look forward to years with a healthy heart. Many of the foods and supplements above can easily overlap in meals. Try eating oatmeal sprinkled with blueberries for breakfast, followed by a spinach salad with grilled tofu or salmon on top for lunch or dinner.

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