Headache Triggers To Avoid

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If you are one of the many people who suffer from chronic headaches, you know that there are many different triggers that can set you off.  The first step in preventing migraines is to know what the most common triggers are so that you can begin to avoid and eliminate them.


Stress- Although scientists are unsure what the connection is, stress is one of the most common ways to get a headache.  Tension headaches and migraines are easy to develop, so it’s important to keep your stress levels down to prevent them from starting.  For some people, their personality may be part of the problem.  This is especially true if prone to obsessive behavior or rigidity.


Food and Drinks-  Another common headache trigger is dehydration.  Make sure you are drinking enough water everyday to help you avoid a migraine.  In addition to lack of water, certain foods can be a migraine trigger.  Cheese, deli meats, MSG, caffeine, red wine and other alcoholic drinks have been linked to headache development.  It’s also important not to skip meals because the blood sugar dip may also be a trigger for some people.


Weather-  As the weather changes, your chances of developing a headache increase.  Whether hot or cold fronts, rain, or wind, the changes in barometric pressure can be a source of migraines.


Head/Hair Accessories-  If you have long hair, keeping it up too tight can lead to a headache.  Not only that but using any headbands, hats, or even sunglasses that are too tight may be an irritation.


Scents-  For many people, strong odors can set off a migraine. The smell does not need to be foul smelling, just anything that is powerful.  Perfume, paint and some flowers are common triggers.


Smoking-  Smoking, even secondhand smoking, can be a trigger for headaches.  The nicotine in secondhand smoke causes blood vessels in your brain to narrow.  If you experience chronic headaches, giving up smoking is a great way to start you on a path to feeling better.


Strenuous Exercise and Posture-  In many ways exercise is great for your body, however, if you have chronic migraines, strenuous exercise may increase your chances of getting a headache. On the other hand, even if you are not participating in strenuous exercise, if you are constantly keeping your body hunched over and in bad posture, you are at high risk of developing a headache.


If you are suffering with chronic headaches, the physicians at Non-Surgical Orthopaedics may be able to help you decrease the amount of days you suffer every month.  By injecting Botox around the head and scalp, patients can feel relief from chronic migraines within a few days and that may last up to six months. Contact our office at (770) 421-1420 for more information.  Check out our website on this Botox procedure here.  




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