The Type of Chair You Sit in All Day Could Ease or Cause Your Back Pain

chairs back support and painBest Chairs to Ease Back Pain

When you have back pain, it’s nearly impossible to find a comfortable position. You may wander from room to room, trying to find a chair where you can manage to sit. If you are continually shifting from side to side, you may need to buy a new chair to ease your back pain.

Find the Proper Support for Every Room

Each area of your home requires different types of chairs with the proper support. Here are some points to remember when selecting new chairs for each room:

  • Office: If you have a desk job, you spend a large portion of your day sitting, which can contribute to back pain without the right chair. Check that your chair allows you to place both feet firmly on the ground under your desk. Sit all the way back, and make sure that the height is right. Then, check that you can sit up straight and view your computer without twisting in an awkward position.


  • Kitchen: If you have back pain, stools at countertops will leave you without any support. Rock-hard wooden models, with spindled openings, will prevent you from feeling comfortable. Check for proper proportions and cushioning, which will allow you to enjoy mealtime with your family.


  • Living room: Although oversized chairs with super-plump cushions may be tempting, you may end up sinking into complete softness. Overly soft chairs may leave you struggling to stand up or complicate existing back problems. When selecting a new chair, consider a happy medium in the degree of firmness. Pick one that will also allow you to raise your feet, permitting your back and entire body to rest.

Move and Stretch Each Day

If you spend an extensive amount of time sitting during the day, be sure to get up periodically and move. Remaining in a seated position for hours on end will contribute to stiffness and decrease flexibility. Take time throughout the day to stretch gently, holding onto the back of your chair, if needed for support,

When back pain continues to compromise the quality of your day, call Non-Surgical Orthopaedics at 770-421-1420 for other solutions now.

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